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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ais Kacang @ Weng Kee, PJ Old Town

Weng Kee Ais Kacang

Sometimes the heat can really get to you. I feel this very subtle yet irritating headache with a mere 10 mins exposure to the sun. It goes away almost instantaneously when I run into the shade. Looks like global warming is really getting to me. And it is times like these, I yearn for something to cool me down and sent chills down my spine !

I would normally have a cold beer or rum & raisin flavoured ice cream but wait…there is another alternative called Ais Kacang or Chap Suet (Chinese for ‘Mixed Ice’). Ais Kacang is a very popular dessert or even starters for Malaysian. There are many versions here across the peninsula. I have tried a number of them and I must say that one of the best, if not the best, I have ever laid my tongue on is the Ais Kacang stall called Weng Kee at Taman Selera, Jalan Othman, Petaling Jaya.

Apparently, this stall has been around for almost 48 years. That’s quite something for a drink stall as it were. A nice lady whom many affectionately called as Chee 'Siew Chay' or Ms. Chee, runs the place after her mom. Ask most kids who grew up around PJ and they would recommend this place for some kick ass ais kacang.


The ais kacang, when served, looks like a snow mountain. The shaved ice is compact and very smooth. This is the highlight of the ais kacang here as compared to others I have tried. No lumps, no grainy feel, the ice is fine like snow and it melts gently in your mouth. Apart from the great texture of the shaved ice, they also heap generous amount of gula Melaka (brown sugar) onto it and this makes the whole bowl of treasures really rich and tantalizing.

Beneath the mountain of snow, flows a crystallized molten filled with gems! You'll get to uncover a generous serving of fragrant peanuts, black grass jelly/cincau, red ruby jelly, cendol, red beans, sweet corn drenched with evaporated milk! If you don’t like some of the hidden gems, you could get your ais kacang customized; that simple!

RM2 for a bowl of ais kacang, anybody can have one. You don’t have to be a chicken rice seller with a penchant for ais kacang and such to tell that the ais kacang here really Hitz the spot ! Just go to Stall number 19.


Gerai Minum Weng Kee,
Medan Selera,
Old Town PJ,
(Next to the Oldtown wet market)

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